Planetary reception provides information on how planets ‘feel’ and ‘relate’ to one another. This is determined using the Table of Planetary Dignity—a tool that gives insight into how an aspect may be expressed. Using a number of famous examples, we’ll look in depth at the 5 dignities and the 3 debilities to assess planetary strength and analyze how planets in aspect help or harm each other in a natal, progressed, directed, or transiting chart.

Kathy Allan is a practicing astrologer certified at the professional level by the AFA. She has taught astrology classes at all levels and has lectured at NCGR. She is a contributing writer for The Mountain Astrologer and is published in the Geocosmic Journal. She is the author of When Worlds Collide: Another Look at the Lunar Nodes. A new book on midpoints is nearly complete. She has a PhD in Molecular Toxicology. Visit her at http://www.kathyallan.com/

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