As the general public becomes more interested in serious, professional astrology, it becomes increasingly vital to your success as an astrologer to be thoroughly grounded in the core concepts and tools of the trade.

The NCGR Education curriculum is the premier course of study, and is referred to by many other schools of astrology. Long considered the “gold-standard” in the astrological community, it is your best way of getting there.

We offer a complete online program that is open to anyone. You don’t have to be a member.
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NCGR also offers monthly Webinars on many topics that are of great interest to all astrologers, presented by the best of the astrological community.  Participation in the live webinar, as well as webinar recordings, are free for members.

NCGR is now offering a series of free video presentations on “The Foundations of Astrology“, for those who wish to become familiar with the basic language of astrology.
To watch it click here: NCGR on YouTube  and remember to subscribe, as new videos will be added in the future.



It all started in the late 1970s when a group of pioneering astrologers from NCGR met in Princeton, NJ to develop a curriculum for the study of astrology. After much discussion and debate, a syllabus was composed of Four Levels, and began to be taught by professional astrologers at NCGR chapters throughout the USA and, eventually, the world. By the 1980s NCGR was referred to as “The Harvard of Astrology,”  attracting scholars and students of this celestial art from beginners to advanced, and continued to expand its Education Programs. Certification exams were administered in person in major cities and at NCGR Conferences, attracting more students with each passing year. The Digital Age launched our online classes, facilitating access to the study of astrology for those in remote areas – open to anyone else who desires to adapt this unique program into their busy schedules.

Eventually, the examination and certification functions changed, and now NCGR courses prepare students for certification through the Professional Astrologers’ Alliance – NCGR-PAA

NOTE:  Testing is not required, and you can take any of the classes for your goals.

Your path to great education and class offering begins here! 

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