NCGR’s greatest strength is in its members and the educational and research programs that serve them. High on our list of offerings is our publications – the annual Journals, the quarterly Memberletter,  and our two electronic publications – “eNews” and “Around the World”.

Geocosmic Journal, a print publication published yearly, is a chock full of articles ranging from the historical to natal analysis, along with the financial and political astrology. Guaranteed to pique your interest and sharpen your technique.


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Syzygy, the biennial research journal, also a print publication, is for the heavy weights among us. Filled with quantitative methods and statistical analysis along with the more qualitative research methods, Syzygy contributions are held to rigorous standards and raise the bar in the field of astrology.


Memberletter, published quarterly, electronically, is sent to members only by email. It is our platform for articles that cover topical subjects in depth, and also for keeping members informed about local and national happenings in the organization.

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eNews, published bi-weekly, electronically, is sent to members only by email. It has fascinating articles by NCGR members on current events and other, as well as information on upcoming NCGR events, webinars, and online classes.

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Around the World-NCGR PublicationAround the World, published monthly, electronically, is sent to anyone interested in astrology. It has listings of NCGR Chapters events, schedules and activities, conferences as well as other non-profit astrology events – domestic and international.


No part of these publications in part or whole, may be reproduced or transmitted by any means without written permission from NCGR, Inc. and/or written permission from the author. NCGR, Inc. is not responsible for, nor does it endorse or recommend. statements in any article (presentation). All materials and information presented are solely for readers (attendees) education and enjoyment.

In our member area on this site we provide an electronic archive of our publications – Journals & Memberletter- for members to browse and download.  These are available to non-members for purchase.

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