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Linda Kubota Byrd left the corporate world to follow her heart into Astrology over 25 years ago. Her passion is bringing a comprehensive, practical approach to integrating astrology into everyday life. As a Consciousness Awakening Coach, she draws on her background in Evolutionary, Experiential and Transformational Astrology and often uses EFT, Heart Assisted Therapy, NLP and Stargate Inner Child work in her international practice. She’s a Certified Dream Coach and is a member of OPA, ISAR, NCGR and ACEP. She has been a two-time guide for the Astrology Hub and was featured on Suzanne Gerber’s “Secrets of the Masters” series and was part of the London and Mayo School of Astrology’s Student Conference, to name a few of her teaching experiences. She appears often on Good Day Sacramento and livestreams with the Stargate Experience Academy. Linda was president of the Sacramento Chapter for 10 years, worked with the Mountain Astrologer magazine for 7 years, and brings her business and marketing consulting background to her role as President of NCGR.                     

CLERK: Ramya Krishnamurthy

Ramya is a practitioner of both Western and Indian (Vedic) astrology. She hails from a family of traditional Indian Vaidhyas (Ayurveda practitioners) and astrologers. She combines findings from both Western and Indian astrology to offer a complete perspective. She has served as the treasurer of the Boston Chapter and is currently serving as the Clerk for National NCGR as well as Director of Outreach for the Boston Chapter. She has been active in national conferences as a volunteer and speaker.  


Linda has been Treasurer for NCGR National since 2012. Her astrological studies began after attending a NYC fall membership meeting, where she became hooked and studied with many outstanding teachers. Linda was Treasurer for NCGR NYC for approximately 15 years and then became Treasurer of NCGR National. In her non-astrological career, Linda has been an HR Director, an elementary school teacher, a curriculum writer for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities and a Care Manager for individuals with I/DD. Serving as Treasurer for NCGR is Linda’s way of giving back to the community that has given her so much.


MEMBERSHIP:  Shirley Prisco

Shirley’s interest in astrology began in the dark ages when it was not so popular and information was hard to get. Her education in the field was haphazard until she discovered NCGR. Here was a thorough grounding in the basics and beyond in the subject she held so dear. From her work in Human Resource she developed people and problem-solving skills. With a BA in English from the University of Rhode Island, she put that knowledge to work writing a Sun-sign column for a local monthly newspaper that publishes pieces about art, culture and politics. On occasion she writes Astro-profiles about local celebs, politicians and folks in the news. She has taught beginning astrology classes.

CHAPTERS: Leigh Westin

Leigh Westin, CA, NCGR Level IV, DF Astrol.S., also holds a B.S. Education; M.S. Management/Dietetics; M.A. Psychology; Minor, Marketing. Leigh has been a university instructor, registered dietitian, product manager, corporate advisor and continues to be an editor, researcher, author, lecturer. Leigh pioneered research founding a declination premise from Earth’s dynamics; the Lunar Seasons TM theory; discovered Venus and Mars out-of-bounds in fixed signs; and the basis of delineation for true antiscia. The late Dave Roell’s “best books list” cited Leigh’s Beyond the Solstice as, “rich in analysis…and startling insights”; while The Mountain Astrologer noted its “wealth of information …by a highly creative astrological thinker.”  

OUTREACH:  Rachel Lang

Rachel Lang is a professional astrologer, psychic medium, and author of Modern Day Magic: 8 Simple Rules to Realize Your Power and Shape Your Life. She earned her master’s in theology from Loyola Marymount University. She writes for the Omega Institute, Club Magic Hour, and Conscious Living. She contributes to Well+Good and Women’s Health Magazine. Rachel teaches classes and hosts spiritual and astrological workshopsand she runs a Psychic Mediumship Certification program. She teaches with the Theosophical Society in America, the Organization for Professional Astrologers, and the Omega Institute, among others.
Rachel is the Outreach Director for the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) and the VP of the Los Angeles NCGR chapter. Dedicated to social justice and environmental sustainability, she believes in magical activism. She stays involved with organizations and leads ritual experiences for activists and organizations.



Advisory: Christeen Skinner
Education: Jackie Slevin
Research: Manda Selva
Technology: Meira Epstein
Social Media: Maria Wander
International Relations: Monica Escalante-Ochoa



Executive Secretary:  TBD
E-news: Rita Chabot
Around the World: David Perloff
Advertising: Sara Priebe


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Nicholas Campion Ph.D
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