Meet with like minds who share your passion for professional astrology.

Every other year we hold astrological conferences featuring lectures and workshops by talented, professional astrologers. These are special events you do not want to miss! Register for our upcoming conferences and join the many people from aroud the world who love astrology.

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Our Chapters & Special Interest Groups.

Our local chapters in the U.S., North America and around the world provide a place for both members and non-members to meet others who are interested in or practicing astrology. Chapters provide a range of services that include newsletters, websites, Facebook pages, and regular meetings that often feature speakers from both inside and outside the local community. No matter whether or not you join a chapter (which you may do at any time), as an NCGR member you are entitled to a member discount at all chapter functions that charge a fee.

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Joining or renewing for one year gives you all of the benefits of membership for a full year. Price may change in the future.

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Joining or renewing for three years gives you all of the benefits of membership, plus a discount. Price locked in for 3 years.

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Lifetime membership gives you all of the benefits of membership, special discounts on conferences and more. Pay only once, ever.

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