Join me in the fascinating adventure of working with asteroids. I will cover the four major asteroids, to get you started using them immediately. I will show you how to work with many different asteroids, related to relationships, money, psychic abilities, career and astrology, as well as personal name asteroids, and more. How to access the asteroids using your software will be discussed. You will see many amazing stories. Asteroids truly are amazing!

Dave Campbell is the President of the Asteroid Special Interest Group, (AST SIG), and has been a long standing member of NCGR. Dave has authored a Correspondence Course on Asteroids, and owns The Astrology Store in Arizona. Dave is the author of Forensic Astrology. He is a certified Professional Astrologer (PMAFA) with AFA and is the Vice President of the organization. Dave interpreted the meanings of the asteroids for Cosmic Patterns Software. Website: theastrologystore.com