The Lucy Titunik Fund

The Lucy Titunik Fund was set up to assist astrologers who are in need of financial help to pay medical bills. Lucy Titunik was a long-time member of NCGR who became ill; the fund was created to help her with medical expenses. Out of this, a standing-fund was created for health and welfare. This fund was established knowing that many astrologers lack sufficient health insurance, and as a result find themselves in hardship during already stressful times. NCGR has two different Titunik Funds. Titunik Fund I is for any astrologer. Titunik Fund II is only for professional astrologers.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation earmarked for NCGR’s Lucy Titunik Fund, you can do so by selecting your level of contribion from the two tables on the right, or by writing a check made out to “NCGR, Inc”. You will need to specify which fund you are donating to in the note section of your check – “Titunik Fund I” or “Titunik Fund II” and mail the check to:

NCGR, c/o Pam Wenzel 5329 E. C Avenue Richland, MI 49083

Include your email address and/or your mailing address to receive a receipt. Thank you very much1


FUND-I – for Any Astrologer

FUND-II – for Professional Astrologers

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