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The Predictive Power of the Lots – Fortune & Spirit
by Meira Epstein, C.A., NCGR-PAA

SUNDAY, December 18, 2022

Many astrologers have heard about the Lot of Fortune. Fewer astrologers know about the Lot of Spirit, yet, their meaning and function in the chart remain unknown to most modern astrologers. The Lots, which are calculated points in the chart, were an integral part of astrology in the Hellenistic, Arabic and Medieval eras, but are completely neglected in modern times.  In this lecture we will explain the fundamentals of these two lots, see how they operate in the natal charts, creating “a hidden Ascendant” and, most importantly, learn about their predictive power in in the evolution of life. The primary source for this material is Vettius Valens (2nd c.) with supported information from Ptolemy (2nd c.), Paulus Alexandrinus (4th c.), and others.

Meira Epstein, C.A, NCGR-PAA has been a professional practicing astrologer since the early 80’s. Concurrent to this, she is a member of the New York NCGR Faculty, Education Advisory on NCGR-PAA Board, Creator and teacher of the NCGR Online Education courses. Meira has presented at national and international conferences. Her specialties include Hellenistic, Classical, and the Uranian System. Meira has published an English Translations of the Medieval Hebrew Astrology and Texts of Abraham Ibn Ezra, now also translated into other languages. As part of her education activities, she has published Excellence in Astrology, a series of comprehensive workbooks for professional Certification Exams. Meira is also Technical Director on the NCGR Board, with an extended parallel IT career of over 20 years as a computer programmer-analyst.

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