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Why Natural Astrology Matters
by Bruce Scofield, PhD Geosciences

SUNDAY, March 19, 2023

Today, most people who study astrology are totally immersed in the analysis of natal charts and, to a lesser extent, horary and electional work. In this sense, astrology is basically a practice expressed between humans. It may be worthwhile to recognize that this is an extremely anthropocentric approach to the subject of astrology. Consider that anthropocentrism is an unconscious stance that is exacerbating the large-scale problems of modern civilization – climate change, environmental destruction and a horrifying rate of species extinctions. Given that astrology originated as a subject that studied the natural world and its rhythms and effects on humans, students of astrology may benefit from a better understanding of what has long been called natural astrology.

Bruce Scofield, PhD, Geosciences, has authored books and articles on astrology and other topics for many years. His books include What Astrology Is…and How to Use It and his latest, The Nature of Astrology. He has worked with the NCGR and PAA education programs for many years and also teaches for Kepler College. On the internet his work can be found at www.onereed.com and naturalastrology.com.

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