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Creativity and Moon Cycles
by Hilary Harley

SUNDAY, August 7, 2022

The Moon is the “Mother of Invention.” Where she is located in our horoscope, she inspires.  She emotionally connects us to the wider world via problem solving, or creativity and innovation. By looking at the Moon’s chart placement by sign, house and phase, we understand how she is the source of our creativity.  This webinar looks at Moon placement as the font of why we create what we do.

Hilary Harley is a counseling astrologer with a global practice.  She writes the astrology column for the Otis Observer and SPIN magazine.  Her beginner Astrology class “Astrology 101” is available on-line and in-person. Hilary specializes in creative recovery and as a result developed the “Creativity and Moon Cycles” lecture, taught at adult education classes and the State of the Art astrology conference. Visit her website at hilaryharley.com

The webinar will be presented in Zoom software, available for free on a trial basis at www.zoom.us. Please note that the webinar is held in Eastern Daylight Time. Visit www.timeanddate.com for time zone adjustments.

The webinar will be presented in Zoom software, available for free on a trial basis at  www.zoom.us.  Please note that the webinar is held in Eastern Standard Time. Visit www.timeanddate.com for time zone adjustments.
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