Benefits of Membership

Why Join?

When you join the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) you become a member of an astrological community dedicated to research, education and raising the standards of astrologers and astrology worldwide. Our Advisory Board includes the most knowledgeable, educated, expert astrologers on the planet. Know that when you join NCGR, you are joining a group of professionals, committed students, and enthusiasts.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Local Chapters across the United States and internationally provide the opportunity to mix, mingle and learn with astrologers in your community. No chapter near you? Become a member at large or form your own chapter.
  • Free Webinars on a variety of subjects designed to educate and enhance your knowledge.
  • Geocosmic Journal published yearly, chock full of articles ranging from the historical to natal analysis, along with the financial and political astrology. Guaranteed to pique your interest and sharpen your technique.
  • Syzygy, the biennial research journal, is for the heavy weights among us. Filled with quantitative methods and statistical analysis along with the more qualitative research methods, Syzygy contributions are held to rigorous standards and raise the bar in the field of astrology.
  • Quarterly Memberletter features articles of a topical nature written by members. Information about local and national events and a variety of astrological techniques to add to your toolbox.
  • Monthly Around the World provides a list of “what’s happening” at various chapters around the globe. Meetings, lectures, conferences, all you need to keep abreast of what is happening in the world of astrology.
  • Bi-weekly eNews contains thought provoking articles about current events and people in the news, astrological theory and practice, issues facing the professional astrologer, and other educational and community concerns.
  • Special Interest groups you can join include Asteroids, Uranian, and Declination.
  • Discounts on NCGR products – recorded lectures, Journals, conference and workshops, as well as discounts with national and international organizations, such as Astrological Association of Great Britain, Astrological Lodge of London, and the Federation of Australian Astrologers.
  • Special offer of products and services that are available to NCGR members only.
  • NCGR Online Education Program offers thorough higher education and can be used to prepare for the Professional Certification exams provided by our sister organization, NCGR-PAA, Professional Astrologers’ Alliance.
    NCGR members who choose to take these certification exams pay for the test at a reduced rate.
  • NCGR is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, dues are tax deductible charitable contributions.


The Lucy Titunik Fund

The Lucy Titunik Fund was set up to assist astrologers who are in need of financial help to pay medical bills. Lucy Titunik was a long-time member of NCGR who became ill; the fund was created to help her with medical expenses. Out of this, a standing-fund was created for health and welfare. This fund was established knowing that many astrologers lack sufficient health insurance, and as a result find themselves in hardship during already stressful times. NCGR has two different Titunik Funds. Titunik Fund I is for any astrologer. Titunik II is only for professional astrologers.  Click here to donate.



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