Dane Rudhyar integrated Eastern and Western metaphysics in a way that’s had an enormous influence on nearly all Western astrologers. Psychological, Evolutionary, Archetypal, and Shamanic forms of astrology have all been deeply infused with his spiritual and astrological insights. The crowning work of his long life was what he called the Cycle of Being. The flow of Unity and Multiplicity, Manifestation and Dissolution, and Life and Rebirth are all beautifully illuminated by this simple diagram.

Chet Zdrowski has been a student and practitioner of astrology since 1977. He studied for several years with the late Richard Idemon and 12 years with Steven Forrest.

In addition to working with clients, teaching and writing, the primary focus of his current work is presenting Dane Rudhyar’s teachings in an accessible and entertaining form to astrologers everywhere.
Chet is the founder and leader of the “Transpersonal Astrology Group” that meets in Fair Oaks California.

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