Presented by Julia Balaz


In this presentation we will discuss the amazing potential of Galactic Astrology as a tool that can validate or track stories of our deep ancestors and their connection to stars. We will examine how the highs and lows of our ancestors’ lives may be playing out in our current life. Galactic Astrology can help us understand and transcend their trauma. In doing so, we embrace their gifts to bring our life experience into greater harmony with this earth and the cosmos.

Several astrological indicators fuel Julia’s insatiable curiosity about the evolution of consciousness is the driving force in her life include Neptune and South Node conjunct the Galactic Center, Saturn and Pluto conjunct the Shapley Attractor, and Jupiter and Uranus conjunct The Great Attractor. She enjoys consistently expanding her understanding of astrology, deep psychology, human biology, and metaphysics, and applying what she learns to her practice.

For seven years of her full-time service as a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner ((QHHT®), she felt guided to extensively study astrological charts of her clients after their  session. She was looking for some proof about past lives and extra-terrestrial information that came up in so many sessions. Her meticulous ongoing research and passion for sharing intriguing discoveries via her social media and online courses is attracting a growing community of Galactic Astrology enthusiasts who are experiencing a rapid expansion of consciousness while exploring their own galactic heritage.

Julia has been selected as one of the 12 astrology teachers of the year 2023 on the Astrology Hub platform; she was interviewed on various well-respected channels, including Pam Gregory, Heather Ensworth, and others. Julia has become an NCGR ambassador to inspire her community toward a higher standard of astrological delineation.