What is in the charts of those rare Hollywood celebrities who have a long-lasting, stable, happy marriage? What is in the charts of rock stars who together make a more powerful impact than either one does alone? What we find in these charts is that the people are on the same cosmic wavelength. We will learn how we use Vibrational Astrology to see the beautiful, exquisite patterns formed between two people.

David Cochrane has made over 300 free tutorial astrology videos on an enormous range of topics. David is also a software developer, researcher, author, and speaker. He has received several awards, including the 2018 Regulus Award in Discovery, Innovation & Research and awards from astrology organizations in Italy and Turkey. David specializes in Vibrational Astrology. He has conducted research that refines our understanding of zodiac signs and aspects between planets. Website: www.AstroSoftware.com

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