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With the goal of building community through education and research, NCGR has a number of publications available to members. These publications provide an opportunity to consider new thought in research, theory and application, and also provide an opportunity to publish.

NCGR  E-News

The electronic newsletter is published on-line every week. This is for very short articles, newsworthy items of interest, and listings of chapter happenings. For more information, please click here to contact the editor.

NCGR memberletter

The NCGR memberletter is published six times per year. This publication is for news and shorter articles. For more information, please read through the guidelines on the memberletter page.

Geocosmic Journal

Geocosmic Journal
is published two times a year. Each issue contains a variety of in-depth articles of a scholarly nature. These issues are often compiled by a guest editor and may be focused on a particular topic. The aim is to provide a sense of the diversity of thought in the astrological field.

This publication has evolved over the history of NCGR. From 1984-2000, we published NCGR Journal;  from 1991-2001, we published Geocosmic Magazine.

For more information on upcoming themes and deadlines,

Request Submission Guidelines and Stylesheet through the editors or

Past issues of the Journal, can be purchased in the NCGR Astrology Store.  

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