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NCGR Journal - Summer 2013
Summer 2013
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Geocosmic Alchemy
Spring 2014
Research Journal

Classic lectures from great astrologers past and present remind us of Saturn's role as founder, teacher, and mentor are on sale now in the NCGR store. Click here to get yours now, as this sale ends at midnight on April 15, 2015!
  • Charles Emerson on Magic Squares
  • Marion March on Transits
  • Nancy Hastings on Progressions
  • Joan Negus on Solar & Lunar Returns
  • Sophia Mason on Angular Planets
  • Robert Hand on the Qualities & Elements
  • Mary Downing on Event Astrology
Whether you consider Saturn a friend, a mentor, or the planet you're most likely to hide from when it shows up, it's just about to go retrograde. In honor of Saturn changing its status, we've dug back in our time vault to come up with some enlightening lecture mp3s from some of the people whose astrological knowledge, wisdom, and experience have helped to make NCGR the leading organization that it is today. Saturn will be retrograde for a good long while, slow-mover that it is, but these recordings will only be on sale at this special price until April 15th. Don't dally!
Blast from the Past! Pat Geisler on Saturn Retrograde

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The National Council for Geocosmic Research, Inc.,
(NCGR) is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising the standards of astrological education and research. Though it began as "national," NCGR's current membership of about 2500 includes a growing number of international members. The organization's activities include sponsoring local Chapters (currently 42 located in 26 states and 4 countries). Additionally, several Special Interest Groups (SIGs) cross wide geographical areas to foster dialogue among people of similar astrological specialties.

 A Code of Ethics, to which members are accountable, provides guidance for the practice of astrology.

NCGR sponsors an educational conference every two or three years at various venues around the U.S. and publishes two issues of its magazine Geocosmic Journal plus six newsletters, Memberletter. A variety of other publications are produced intermittently, and MP3s of conference lectures are also offered for sale, both at conference sites and on this website.

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