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by Manda Selva

2:00 – 3:30 PM EST

The Moon’s Nodes play a very important and far reaching role in natal chart delineation and in individual and mundane prediction.  However, there is also a larger dynamic that happens based on how the pair of Nodes (South Node/North Node) are placed in the chart in reference to other planets, which is beyond the usual natal aspects. It is as if the placement of planets within or outside the bound of nodes can influence and define their expression.

Manda Selva, C.A.,NCGR-PAA began studying astrology at a very early age from her maternal grandfather. She practices astrology and psychotherapy in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Aided by her educational background in science, she is passionate about applying evidence based methods and in astrological research. She is currently the Research Director of NCGR.   She does astrological consulting, writes for her blog (Astromanda.com), has presented in NCGR and ISAR, teaches locally and through webinars, and has been building a thriving astrological community through her Facebook Group.

The webinar will be presented in Zoom software, available for free on a trial basis at www.zoom.us.
Please note that the webinar is held in Eastern Standard Time. Visit www.timeanddate.com for time zone adjustments.

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