A Message From the NCGR Research Director ...

Welcome to NCGR Research Resources! We are available to facilitate your astrological research endeavors by providing guidelines, articles, information and links to additional research resources in the cyberspace community. Every astrologer can do research and at the most elementary level we all do as we observe correlations among human phenomena and cosmic phenomena. From there, it's just a matter of organizing our observations, creating a sound experimental design and testing them to learn if the correlation truly exists and more often than by mere chance. We're here to assist you with all that! On this page you will find resources to support the development of sound qualitative and/or quantitative research projects.

Please visit this page frequently, and if you are aware of quality research resources not included here, please do be in touch!

Jagdish Maheshri
NCGR Research Director

Recommended Reading

Berndadette Brady: The Newtonian Merry-Go-Round
The implications of astrologers' attitudes to research methodologies

Research Articles on the Internet
A research study on similarities in facial features between people who share the same Sun, Moon, and Ascendant.
The astroinvestigators is a group of astrologers dedicated to the scientific scrutiny of long held astrological concepts. You'll find links to three different studies conducted by this group: vocational indicators, relational indicators and religious significators.
Towards a Proof of Astrology: An AstroSignature for Mathematical Ability
This links to an excellent research article written by David Cochrane. He provides a list of key considerations when doing astrological research and provides a synopsis of the research he's been working on.

Recommended Books

Astrology as Science by Mark Urban-Lurain. ISBN 0-86690-042-X.  Published by American Federation of Astrologers.
Astrological Research Methods Vol. I edited by Mark Pottenger. ISBN 0-964366-0-3 published by International Society for Astrological Research.

Research Resources
The complete AstroDatabank collection gathered by the late Lois Rodden, with later additions, corrections, and updates.
The Astrological Association of Great Britain
The Astrological Association offers references to journals and books highly pertinent to researching astrology. The AA publishes the journal Correlation which is an excellent journal of astrological research.
Bernadette Brady's "Jigsaw"
The co-author of the research program JigSaw has a great article on-line describing step-by-step how to use this software in a research project.
Ken Irving's "online journal" offers a variety of resources for research, specializing in those relating to the work of Michel Gauquelin. Includes a chronology of the "Mars effect controversy" as well as material from the book The Tenacious Mars Effect.
Research Group for the Critical Study of Astrology (RGCSA)
An academically-oriented research group which ". . . aims to stimulate and facilitate the critical study of astrology as judged by the disciplines of social statistics, sociology, psychology, and cultural studies, and to provide the basis for inter-university and international collaboration on research into astrology." Their site includes a searchable database of research article abstracts.
Social Research Methods
A web center for those conducting research in the social sciences that provides information about sampling, measurement and data analysis.