Presented by June Crane – Available until 5/14/21.


Free Speech, Insurrection, and Revolution – June Crane

History records cultures, always changing, evolving, and decaying.  Astrology offers us insights into current social, political, and economic changes we are experiencing.

Worldwide, people are finding themselves in one crisis after another, making it hard to imagine stability.  This lecture will examine the current state of affairs in the USA using various techniques, including the planetary synodic cycles and the shift of “The Great Chronocrators” into Fixed Air. Will America unify and remain a beacon of hope and free speech? Or will long festering problems lead to more protests, rebellions, insurrections, and possibly restricted liberties? Charts of significant past and current events will be analyzed to suggest potential outcomes. Join us for a cosmic exploration into the signs of our times.

June Crane 

began studying astrology at a very early age from her maternal grandfather. She practices astrology and psychotherapy in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Aided by her educational background in science, she is passionate about applying evidence based methods and in astrological research. She is currently the Research Director of NCGR.   She does astrological consulting, writes for her blog (Astromanda.com), has presented in NCGR and ISAR, teaches locally and through webinars, and has been building a thriving astrological community through her Facebook Group.