Ptolemy, Kepler and Witte’s Uranian System represent important historical milestones. Though centuries and worlds apart, surprisingly, they share a unique philosophy and a legacy regarding the doctrines of Aspects and of Houses, which goes to the core of the celestial dynamics in the chart. We will examine these not-immediately-obvious connections, how they show up in the works of all three, the legacy they left us, and how it is used today in chart work.

Meira Epstein is a professional certified astrologer. On the New York NCGR faculty. Creator/tutor of the NCGR Online Education & PAA certification Program, all 4 levels including Math & Astronomy. Speaker at national & international conferences. Private practice. Specialties: Hellenistic/classical astrology; The Uranian System. Publications: Translations of the Medieval Hebrew astrology texts of Abraham Ibn Ezra. “Excellence in Astrology” – comprehensive workbooks for Certification Exams. Articles published in the US & Europe. An extended parallel career as a computer programmer-analyst. Website: http://bear-star.com