The Best Education There Is

NCGR’s Education and Certification Program, recognized internationally for its rigor and excellence since 1979, is one of NCGR’s major achievements. The NCGR’s original Education and Certification Program was planned over several years, guided by successive Directors of Education - Ken Negus, Lenore Canter, Joan Negus, and Joanna Shannon. The program was finalized at a national education conference on the Princeton University campus in August of 1979 by 50 professional astrologers and teachers of astrology from throughout the United States, after which a National Education Committee of ten members was entrusted with the task of creating a four-level system of examinations, and writing a curriculum and study guide to guide students through the process.

In 2008, NCGR-PAA (NCGR-Professional Astrologers’ Alliance), a 501(c)(6) nonprofit trade organization was formed to offer the four-level certification and testing process, as well as other education and services to those who have taken their interest in astrology to a professional level. Classes offered here on the NCGR site ( follow the curriculum laid out in NCGR-PAA’s Certification Study Guide. Our classes, as well as our special lectures and webinars are open to everyone, so even If your need is for education rather than certification, this is the best astrological education there is.