NCGR was founded by seven men and women during a meeting at the home of Harry F. Darling, M.D., in Wareham, Massachusetts, on March 6, 1971. The official signing of the Articles of Incorporation took place at 9:02 pm. EST, and Darling became the first Chairman. The founders included astrologers, medical professionals, scientists and scholars, all interested in exploring astrology as it related to other disciplines. The use of "Geocosmic" in NCGR's title was done to avoid the popular misunderstanding of astrology and to set the tone for a serious and scholarly approach to the study of correspondences between life on earth (geo) and the cycles of the cosmos.

NCGR Formed
March, 6, 1971, 9:02 PM EST
Wareham, MA, USA
Koch Houses


NCGR Incorporation Chart
NCGR Incoporated
March, 11, 1971, 12:00pm EST
Boston, MA, USA
Koch Houses