Benefits of Membership

An inexpensive one-year membership ($55 for U.S. members), or a discounted three-year membership ($150 for a U.S. member) brings you a world of astrological opportunities, including:

Join a Local Chapter

  • Regular meetings where you can meet others interested in astrology
  • Local study and discussion groups and social events
  • Lectures and workshops at reduced pricess

Publications Included In Your Membership Dues

  • Biweekly E-News Commentary alternating with the biweekly E-News Calendar
  • Bimonthly memberletter, with feature articles
  • Annual NCGR Research Journal that explores and investigates special topics
  • Annual Geocosmic Journal to keep you in touch with astrological topics and technicues on all levels.

Find Opportunities to Learn Through Study and Discussion

  • NCGR’s Special Interest Groups (SIGS) are a key source of information on special topics. Currently they include asteroids, declination, and Uranian astrology
  • Online education through professional lectures and workshops

Take Advantage of Special Discounts for Members

  • Member discounts for NCGR Products (mp3s, journals, books)
  • Member discounts for NCGR events, both local and national, including conferences, workshops, and lectures
  • Member discounts through reciprocal agreements with national and international organizations such as Astrological Association of Great Britain, Astrological Lodge of London and the Federation of Australian Astrologers

Find Education for Certification

  • Special courses taught by NCGR can be used to qualify to take certification exams by our sister organization, NCGR-paa (The Professional Astrologers Alliance)