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Around the World with NCGR is sent every other week to anyone with an interest in astrology. It lists astrology-related events - lectures, workshops and conferences - sponsored by nonprofit local and international astrology organizations. It also carries news about books published by NCGR members. Click here to read the latest installment of Around the World, and to add your email address to our list so you can have it in your own in-box every two weeks. If you would like to contribute information on your non-profit group's meetings, please click here to contact me.

Liane Thomas Wade
Executive Secretary, NCGR


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E-News Commentary alternates every other week with Around the World and is for NCGR members only. It provides thought-provoking articles, important announcements, as well as discussions about community concerns, astrological practices, professional issues, education and, of course, astrological theory, philosophy, interpretation and technique. Members can contribute articles, as request data, publish the results of their own research, and share thoughts about the practice and study of astrology. If you are an NCGR member and you are not receiving it, click here to contact me and I'll get you on the list for the next mailing.

Liane Thomas Wade
Executive Secretary, NCGR

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