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Summer 1983 - New York City, NY (Financial Conference)
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Fall 1990 - Virginia Beach, VA (Training Wheels)
Spring 1993 - Minneapolis, MN (Planets)
Fall 1993 - Phoenix, AZ
Summer 1994 - Princeton, NJ (Project Hindsight)
June 1999 Williamsburg Relocation Conference
Fall 2004 - Ashland, OR (Expanding Our Spheres)
Geocosmic Alchemy Conference - March 2007, Baltimore
Summer 2013 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania >>>NEW!
Spring 2008 - UAC
Winter 2010 - Cambridge, Massachusetts
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 Broadband Orders Only, Please

UAC 2008 Digital Astrology Workshop
UAC 2008 Digital Astrology Workshop Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $20.00
Love your computer and it will love you back - or so says Mark Kuenzel right at the beginning of this powerpacked 2 1/2 hour workshop covering everything you need to know to bring your astrology into the digital age. And if you follow Mark's advice, you will not only learn to love your computer, but you will also come to understand the basic skills and techniques you need to be an astrologer in the digital age.

This preconference workshop from UAC 2008 comes to you as a downloadable MP3 file along with the powerpoint outline of the entire presentation. (Note: This is "...optimized for more recent versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer" and may not work with other browsers.) Topics covered include the basics of web pages, a thorough explanation of how to record (and send) client readings and podcasts, how to make your own CDs, how to accept credit cards on your professional website, and even how to teach classes online! Mark's ability to communicate technical matters in a clear and understandable way is first-rate, so download his workshop and get ready to go digital today!

Listen to the sample above and see what we mean...

Broadband Only: Please do not order this file if you do not have a broadband connection to the Internet. Our digital files are good quality recordings of lectures and day-long workshops. They may range in size from 15 to 65 megabytes or more, making them difficult or impossible to download using dial-up.

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