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J-84 1984 NCGR Journal:
Phoenix Issue
J-85SPR Spring 1985 NCGR Journal:
Financial Issue
J-89SUM Summer 1989 NCGR Journal:
Counseling Issue
J-90FAL Fall 1990 NCGR Journal:
Heliocentric Astrology
J-91SPR Spring 1991 Geocosmic Magazine:
Moscow, Mesoamerican Astrology, Ben Franklin
J-92WIN Winter 1992-1993 NCGR Journal:
Story of Predictions
J-93 1993 Geocosmic Magazine:
Isabel & Fernando, Borgia Popes, John Adams
J-96FAL Fall 1996 Geocosmic Magazine:
US Presidents, Jupiter-Saturn Cycle
J-97FAL Fall 1997 NCGR Journal:
Philosophy and Technique
J-98SPR Spring 1998 Geocosmic Magazine:
19832811-DLD.mp3 New Moons, Full Moons, and Gold Price Cycles with Jeff Anders $8.00  
19832812-DLD.mp3 Basic Gann Trading Techniques with Michael J. Bermensolo $8.00  
19832813-DLD.mp3 Cyclic Projections For Gold/Silver Forecasting: Time/Price Levels - Walter J. Bressert $8.00  
19832814-DLD.mp3 Stock Market Cycles: Open Window in 1984/85 with Walter J. Bressert $8.00  
19832815-DLD.mp3 Cyclic Correlations To Currency Prices with Michael Chisholm $8.00  
19832816-DLD.mp3 Effects Of Long-Term Monetary Cycles On The World Economy with Michael Chisholm $8.00  
19832817-DLD.mp3 Currency Prices In The 1980's with Michael Chisholm $8.00  
19832818-DLD.mp3 Dynamics Of Stock Market Forecasting with Lloyd Cope $8.00  
19832819-DLD.mp3 Event Astrology: The Meaning Behind A "Happening" with Mary B. Downing $8.00  
19832820-DLD.mp3 The Corporate Chart with Mary B. Downing $8.00  

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