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Online Lectures, Workshops, Seminars
A New Educational Offering to the Community

On behalf of NCGR, I am proud to announce three more presentations in our ongoing program of lectures, workshops and seminars online with some of the finest astrologers in our community.

Our intention is to bring quality astrology to members-at-large who do not have a local chapter, as well as to chapters who do not have an active education program. And to those chapters with established education programs, such as in my own hometown, we hope to complement what you already so effectively provide.

Most of all, however, our main intention is to create a more interactive community within NCGR and satisfy your need for quality astrological education, which was an original initiative at the start of NCGR, way back in the pre-cyber age, when the word "email" was a typo.

John Marchesella

NCGR Education Presents:
NCGR Around The World Webinars
New On June 6th! Three Lectures On:
"The Horoscope As a Therapeutic Tool"

All Webinars are held in Eastern Time. Please visit the website for time zone adjustments for your locale.

IMPORTANT! All registrations must be received by Wednesday June 3, 2015. Anyone who registers between June 3rd and June 6th will receive the Webinar in an Mp3 by June 12th. After this date, the Webinars will be for sale on the NCGR Website in December, 2015.

Online Lectures

  Horoscope as a Therapeutic Tool - All 3 Lectures
Code: NATW003_FULL
Price: $50.00
Quantity in Basket: none
Come and spend the day and learn with us. take advantage of this special price and save!


Astrology and Counseling, with Eileen McCabe
Code: NATW003_A
Price: $20.00
Quantity in Basket: none
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM Eastern Time

Astrological counseling differs from other talk therapy genres, and it's essential to define the role of the astrologer in this capacity and the psychological dynamics that can exist between astrologer and client. We'll analyze various components of the horoscope to extract themes or core issues that are important to communicate, and learn how to approach a discussion of the client's transits and progressions in a way that facilitates a healing and/or therapeutic dialogue.
Eileen McCabe, LMSW, CA, is a licensed clinical social worker and a professional astrologer with a private practice in New York City. She has NCGR Level IV certification as a consulting astrologer and was trained as a psychotherapist from the Training Institute of Self Psychology.


Red Flags for Astrologers, with Brad Kochunas
Code: NATW003_B
Price: $20.00
Quantity in Basket: none
2:00 pm - 3:30 PM Eastern Time

Occasionally we have clients who in their responses to us raise some red flags and generate some discomfort within us. This presentation introduces astrologers to some of the common signs and symptoms of mental disturbance and their possible reflection in the chart. What should we do when the person in front of us is mentally or emotionally imbalanced? What do we constellate in the client, and they in us? Are there hidden agendas present?

Brad Kochunas is an astrology consultant, writer, speaker, educator, and mental health professional with a Masterís Degree based on the religious dimensions within contemporary astrology, and another in Counselor Education. He has been trained at the Cincinnati Gestalt Institute, and is licensed as a clinical counselor with supervisory privileges and is board certified nationally in clinical mental-health counseling.


Process Work in Astrological Counseling, with Greg Bogart
Code: NATW003_C
Price: $20.00
Quantity in Basket: none
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM Eastern Time

Psychologically oriented astrologers seek the subjective and archetypal meanings of events, viewing the birth chart as a mirror in which to understand identity and personality, and our experience of relationships and attachment. In this talk, Greg will present case examples of awakening and transformation at critical astrological phases, and will also discuss the charts of seminar participants.

Greg Bogart, Ph.D, MFT is an astrologer and psychotherapist in the San Francisco Bay Area and a lecturer in psychology at Sonoma State University. He has attained NCGR Level IV certification as an astrological counselor, and is the author of Astrology and Spiritual Awakening , Planets in Therapy, and Astrology and Meditation.


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