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Christen, Gary

The Essentials of Intermediate Astrology
A. Lavoie, L. Welsh, R. Hand

Code: B-EIA
Price: $15.00
Quantity in Basket: none
There are many texts for students of astrology, but seldom so meaty a volume of techniques written by practitioners as found here. This volume was published in July, 1995.

You may also want to download this PDF errata sheet.

  • Lorraine Welsh: Transits
  • Maria Kay Simms: The Eight Lunar Phases: A Cycle of Transformation
  • Lee Lehman, Ph.D: Some Planetary Concepts
  • Joyce Levine: Progressions
  • Ken Negus, Ph.D: The Minor Aspects and their Uses
  • Alphee Lavoie: Houses and Derivative Houses
  • Mary Downing: Cycles
  • Susan Manuel: The Parallel of Declination
  • Gary Christen: Sensitive Points
  • Steve Cozzi and Michael Munkasey: Local Space
  • Bill Meridian: Mundane Charting
  • Warren Kinsman: Solar Arc Directions
  • Michael Munkasey: Astronomy for Astrologers
  • Frances McEvoy: Asteroids and Chiron
  • Diana Rosenberg: Major Fixed Stars


Gary Christen - Ravings of a Lunatic Mind: The impact of planetary combinations of
Code: 1988560-DLD.mp3
Price: $8.00
Quantity in Basket: none
This lecture was recorded at the Spring 1988 - Poconos, NJ (Earth and Sky) Conference.

Disclaimer: All opinions are those of the speakers, and NCGR is not responsible for any claims made by them. Advice on financial timing and techniques is inherently speculative. What worked in the past may not work in the future.

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