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The National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) is a non-profit organization devoted to education and research in geocosmic correspondences. Our primary mission is to disseminate information to those interested in understanding the interaction of humans and the universe.

 As Above, So Below
Geocosmic — Earth-cosmos — studies explore the link between earth and sky, popularly known as astrology.

Building Community...
Many highly respected professional astrologers contribute to the professionalism and viability of NCGR. There are more than 35 local chapters in various states and countries.

…Through Astrological Education…
NCGR has fostered astrological education since our inception on March 6, 1971 (9:02 PM EST, in Onset, Massachusetts).

…And Research.
We offer help in designing your research project, performing statistical analyses, locating databases and referral to resources.


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