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There are many advantages to NCGR membership:

· NCGR's excellent publications :
2 Geocosmic Journals every year & 6 memberletters

· Our “E-News from NCGR” to keep NCGR members around the world in touch with each other and with astrology.

· Opportunities to network and learn at local Chapter events and Conferences

· Discounts for Conferences and Workshops

· Special Interest Groups (SIGS)

· Interactive email list discussion

· Conference and workshop scholarships

· Special conference and workshop offers for Chapter Delegates

· Comprehensive four-level internationally accepted Education Program

· Opportunities to take exams and fulfill requirements to join the ranks of highly regarded Certified Astrologers

· Participation in an association of like-minded people devoted to Building community through Astrological Education and Research.

How to Start a Chapter:

1)  Bring together in a locale at least 10 NCGR members in good standing.  

2)  Write up the by-laws to guide your Chapter's activities.  
You can write your own bylaws but they must reflect the objectives of NCGR and be compatible with NCGR's national bylaws as posted on this web site.   Note that Article XIV states that Chapter bylaws "shall conform to the national bylaws and not contradict them in any way." Contact the Director of Chapter Affairs and Development for an example to follow.
In addition, your bylaws should reflect the goals and aspirations of your particular group and include a description of Board positions, terms of office, programs to be offered, detailing frequency of meetings and newsletters, as well as anything else to specify activities and clarify how your group will operate.

3)  Elect a Board .
Includes at least President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, and Program Director/Newsletter Editor.

4)  Select an official starting date.  
Provides your Chapter with an official horoscope.  

5)  Choose a name for your Chapter.  
A Chapter name generally reflects your geographical location or a name that is meaningful to your group.  

6) Set up a bank account in the Chapter's name.  

7) When the above 6 items are completed, send the results to the Director of Chapter Affairs and Development.
Your request will be reviewed, and if complete, your Chapter will be presented at the next Board meeting for official approval.   (The Board meets biannually, and occasionally by conference call.)  You might opt for a particular meeting, since the time of presentation to the Board also creates a secondary horoscope for your Chapter.  

8) After approval, the Chapter remains under provisional status for one year.
During that year, keep the Board informed of your activities, through the Regional Coordinator assigned to your group.   Chapters must maintain a certain level of activity and the required number of members to be established Chapters of NCGR. 

To Help Form Your Chapter:

1) Your group can be listed as a "Chapter Forming" in NCGR's bimonthly memberletter.  Send the proposed name of your group, contact names and numbers, and at least one e-mail address to memberletter Editor, so that interested persons in your area can contact you.  

2) Support forming your group with printed materials from national.
Request past memberletters and brochures about NCGR (from the Membership Director), and information on NCGR's excellent educational program and curriculum requirements for taking tests (from the Directors of Education ).  

3) Additional assistance through your Regional Coordinator and the Director of Chapter Affairs and Development.

To Maintain Chapter Status:
1) Maintain a minimum of 10 NCGR members.
2) Provide regular meetings
3) Submit a yearly Treasurer's Report to the national Treasurer to obtain rebates for NCGR members.
4) Submit a yearly President's Report , outlining the group's activities and accomplishments for the year.  

Ongoing National Support for your Chapter:

1) Chapter listing in memberletter along with announcements and news.
2) Listing on the NCGR website under Chapters.
3) Space on the NCGR website for a page or link for your Chapter, including your announcements and events! 
4) Coordinators to work with you by region and internationally.
5) Speaker network.
6) Printed materials from national.
7) Quantity discounts on publications for raising funds.
8) Network resource system of many chapters, regionally and nationally.
Request past memberletters , brochures about NCGR (from the Membership Secretary), information on NCGR's excellent educational program and curriculum requirements for taking tests (from the Directors of Education ) and publications for resale (from the Executive Director; some can be obtained at a discount by the Chapter).

Good luck!





Want to form a Chapter?
NCGR's chapters bring together people in your community to learn about astrology, exchange observations and ideas, organize special programs, and listen to enlightening lectures about astrology. If you would like to organize a chapter in your area, send proposals, as well as updates, financial reports and changes in officers for existing chapters to:

Leigh Westin
P.O. Box
Waskorn, TX

Want to form a SIG?
NCGR's Special Interest Groups (SIGS), bring together people interested in a particular type of astrology or astrological specialty. Send proposals for new SIGs, as well as updates, financial reports and changes  in officers for existing SIGs to:

Joyce Levine
2353 Massachusetts Avenue, #91
Cambridge MA 02140
United States
Phone: (617) 354-7075

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