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, CA NCGR Asteroid SIG
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If you join the Asteroid SIG now, you will receive the new issue of GAIA, our quarterly newsletter which has a very fascinating article,Asteroids and Transformations" by Nona Gwynn Press,about Nona's journey into the asteroids. With a fascinating chart of the AST SIG. It also has a log of all the articles written since Nona has been president.

There is also "News & Networking," by Nona Gwynn Press, with news about what's happening in the astrological world, particularly in relation to asteroids.

Dave Campbell is now our President and Ephemerides director. Join or renew, let Dave know, and get your gift of natal asteroid positions that are conjunct your natal planets and angles. If you have yours already, get the natal positions of a significant person in your life.

The Asteroid SIG is now on Facebook at NCGR Asteroid SIG. Become a Friend, and you can add your posts, asteroid stories or questions, and photos. Once a week, Dave will answer any questions.


For information, contributions to newsletter (GAIA) and sample copies for $1.50:

Dave Campbell
5735 W Glendale Ave
Glendale, Arizona 85301

For membership send dues $15; $24 overseas to:

Richard Wright
P.O. Box 8309
Jacksonville, AR 72078

For asteroid positions or ephemerides:

Dave Campbell
(623) 463-6286

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