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NCGR Asteroid SIG
President: Nona Gwynn Press
Vice President: Dave Campbell
Membership Secretary/Treasurer: Richard Wright
Ephemerides Director: Dave Campbell

THE ASTEROID SIG was formed as a Special Interest Group of NCGR to research the meanings of the asteroids, or planetoids (small planets), and to share our discoveries with the members through our newsletter, GAIA, and with the astrological community at large through asteroid workshops. Another goal is to make asteroid ephemerides and positions available to astrologers at a reasonable price.


Receive 4 newsletters per year, with the latest news, discoveries, and technology from those who share your interest in asteroids.

Get reduced prices on 100-year ephemerides from 1500 through 2099, for any of over 10,000 asteroids, some of which share your name and the names of people, places and other entities important to you.

Have access to a network of other astrologers using asteroids.

As a special gift from the AST SIG for your joining, get "Degrees of Intensity." Dave Campbell, our ephemerides director, will send you a 4-5 page listing of your natal asteroids that are in 1° conjunctions to your planets and angles. You'll see how the meanings of these asteroids, which are prominent in your chart, combine with the meanings of the planets and angles they are conjuncting. The meanings of the asteroids can be found in the Dictionary of Minor Planet Names, 5th ed. and in other reference books. The DMPN (Lutz D. Schmadel, Springer- Verlag, 800-777-4643) tells for whom or what the discovering astronomers named these planetoids. Other books, such as "name your baby" books, give definitions and associations of the names, which are also relevant to the meanings.

Find out about the asteroids with names like yours or like those of other significant people, places and concepts in your life.

See "All the Asteroids," by Nona Gwynn Press, and "Missiles Hit Baghdad" by Zip Dobyns from previous GAIAs, on this site.



Yes, I want to join the AST SIG! Enclosed is a check or money order, made out to the AST SIG, for my annual dues of $15.00 ($24.00 foreign, in US currency).

I am a member of NCGR: YES (  ) NO (  )

Name: __________________________________________

E-mail: __________________________________________

Website: __________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________

City: _____________________ State: ____ Zip: __________

Phone: ____________________

Mail to:
16 Deerfield St., 1st FL.
Norfolk, CT 06854

For your present -- let Dave know you've joined!


CONTACT INFO For information about the AST SIG...

...sample copies of our newsletter, GAIA, for $1.50, OR... submit articles and observations for GAIA, send them, preferably by e-mail as an attachment, or on disc with hard copy, all compatible with Word 2000, to the editor:

Nona Gwynn Press
77-35 113th St, Apt. 4A
Forest Hills, NY 11375
Phone: (718) 263-8084

To order 100-year ephemerides for particular asteroids or positions of all the asteroids for particular charts:

Dave Campbell
Phone: (623) 463-6286

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