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NCGR Online Submission Guidelines

The writer's guidelines for NCGR's web page are designed to maintain the integrity of our academic standards and provide worthwhile and interesting content for our readers. Your piece should be between 500 and 1500 words in length. Please break the article into small paragraphs so that they can be digested quickly by the web reader.

In general, the Web Coordinator will accept and post articles that are written in the spirit of research and discovery on topics related to astrology. The Web Coordinator will edit the material, and whenever possible will present the edited version to the author for final approval.

The Web Coordinator retains the right to accept or refuse any article.

The author retains the copyright to all material.

Authors are expected to maintain academic standards. Plagiarism, failure to cite sources and politically motivated material will not be tolerated. Please maintain an objective eye and refrain from editorializing in your article. This applies especially to politics and other controversial issues.

The Web Coordinator reserves the right to refuse articles that fail to meet academic, ethical and editorial standards.

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