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9/11 - A View from
New York City
by Liane Thomas Wade

(Reprinted from the Uranian Society SIG newsletter, UraniaNews, Summer 2002)

WTC - aftermath of the attack September 11, 2001.

The shock of it is still immediate and still raw these many months later.

When I saw the second plane crash into the side of the World Trade Center on CNN, I ran to my terrace (I live on Roosevelt Island*) which has a view of the entire Manhattan skyline. On that day of perfect weather, I watched beige, gray and silver-colored clouds billowing around the Towers. Abruptly they seemed to become dark, then black. Then tripled in size.

I knew something terrible had happened, but could not comprehend what I was seeing. The first Tower had fallen.

My initial reaction was a personal one - that this was an attack aimed particularly at New York City -- as I could see with my own eyes. But, of course, it was an attack on all of us, on America.

Many articles have been published in astrological magazines about the WTC attack as it relates to various U.S.A. charts (i.e., Considerations, Vol. XVI, No. 4, Nov. 2001-Jan. 2002).

This article will compare the New York City chart(s) to the time of the attack on 9/11 (at 8:46 a.m. when the first plane hit the first World Trade Tower. (WTC Attack Chart Data: 8:46 a.m.EDT (+4:00}, Sept. 11, 2001, New York, NY, .40N42, 74W00)

There are two charts for New York. The source is Horoscopes of the U.S. States & Cities by Carolyn R. Dodson, 1975, American Federation of Astrologers, Inc., Tempe, Arizona.

When compared to the WTC attack chart I think both of these charts work as a description of the worst attack ever carried out on one of America’s greatest cities on September 11, 2001.

Manhattan Island, 1653

The first chart (see Chart 1) is “Manhattan Island” and is labeled the “first distinctly municipal form of government in New Amsterdam.” (Manhattan Island Chart Data: Feb. 12, 1653, 12:00 pm, 73W56, 40N45)

This chart applies only to the Island of Manhattan, not the other four boroughs: Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and the Bronx. A few of the synastry points between the Manhattan Island (MI) and World Trade Center (WTC) attack chart follows:

- Hades is 26.32 Gemini. MI Zeus is 26.25 Sagittarius, making them conjunct on the 90º dial. Rules, p. 323**, says, “Villainess, mean trick, compelled to be inactive.”

And this same Hades/Zeus is the midpoint of MI's Vulcanus, 12.04 Capricorn, and WTC Jupiter, 11.35 Cancer, on one side with both MI's Pluto, 12.06 Gemini, and WTC Pluto, 12.38 Sagittarius, on the other side.

The Vulcanus/Jupiter conjunction (on the 90º dial) speaks to the “power of money and finances” (Rules, p. 233) arrayed against the power of the two Plutos – double destruction. Not one Tower, two.

- MI’s Vulcanus (force, power) at 12.04 Capricorn = WTC Jupiter(abundance, money) at 11.35 Cancer, a 28 min. orb, is “the power of money and finances” (Rules, p. 233).

- The MI Aries Point has WTC Kronos and MI Uranus conjunct it. MI Uranus on the Aries Point means “sudden events” and WTC’s Kronos, 0.02 Cancer, means a “coup d’etat” and is conjunct both (Rules, all on p. 37).

Just the conjunction on the 90o dial of MI Uranus, 29.44 Sagittarius, and WTC Kronos, 0.02 Cancer, means “the formula of great tension, collected power” (Rules, p. 266).

- MI Poseidon is at 15.17 Taurus, exactly opposite the Aries Point on the 90o dial. It signifies “Propaganda.”

Putting the keywords together is grim: the power of money and finances attracts great tension of collected power, resulting in excitement and sudden events, all in the hopes of a coup d’etat for propaganda purposes.

There is more that can be analyzed on the MI and WTC charts but this quick glance shows that Manhattan Island on September 11, 2001 at 8:46 a.m., was in peril.

New York City, 1898

The second chart is “New York City” and is the creation of the City as we know it today. (New York City Chart Data: January 1, 1898, New York, NY, 0:01 a.m. EST (+5:00), 40N42, 74W00)

It is the “consolidation of the 5 boroughs,” Jan. 1 1898, 0:01 a.m., same coordinates as above. Theconsolidation was the result of a popular vote and, therefore, the (birth) date and (birth) time of the “new” city government was stipulated by legislation. Hence it is accurate.

To compare a few points between the New York City (NYC) and WTC charts:

- Again, the Aries Point is crowded: NYC Venus, 29.53 Sagittarius, and Mars, 29.16 Sagittarius, also are conjunct, describing NYC as a passionate place and “in love” with its prominent place in the world (Aries Point).

- The Aries Point is also the midpoint of NYC Kronos, 15.43 Aries, and NYC Poseidon, 15.10 Virgo. This is a wonderful picture of how the City thinks of its place in the country, if not the whole world, as “the cultural elite” ( Rules, p. 353).

- The WTC Sun, 18.51 Virgo, was on NYC Admetos, 19.28 Pisces, which Rules (p. 78) defines as “soil, homeland.” The Sun at this degree is a yearly occurrence of course. However, WTC Poseidon, 4.16 Scorpio, opposes both on the 90º dial (a semi-square, or 45º on the 360º wheel). Rules (p. 79) calls this picture, “to go spiritually to the bottom of a matter.” This is something many of us have been compelled to do this past year.

It seems that when the City became a truly major metropolis in 1898, it took itself seriously and began to think of itself as “The Big Apple” or at least culturally prominent, if not elite. (It was first called The Big Apple in the early 1920's, taken from slang used by black jazz musicians.)

The Composite New York Chart

Since both the 1653 and 1898 charts well describe New York City and, when compared with the WTC attack chart, well describe that event, can a composite of the two New York charts tell us anything? Today New York City is a combination of old New Amsterdam (1653) on Manhattan Island and consolidation by popular mandate of the five boroughs, with one Mayor and one City Council.

The following points are within the Composite Chart (CC):

- Admetos/Saturn is the midpoint of Hades/MC and Uranus. Admetos is 8.41 Capricorn; Saturn is 7.44 Libra; Hades is 0.27 Taurus; the MC is 1.02 Taurus, and Uranus is 15.43 Sagittarius. From Rules (p. 249), it is not a pretty picture: “stoppage, depression, to get into a grave dilemma though hostile actions.” With Uranus, “to suddenly apply a brake, sudden jarring stop.”

- Since astrologers must tell all, at least to each other, I must add this to the above. CC Mars is at 8.28 Sagittarius, bringing it into the Admetos/Saturn (sextile Saturn; semi-sextile Admetos) picture: “death through crushing” (Rules, p. 249).

But what configuration set off the potential for disaster of the Composite Chart? By comparing the WTC and CC to each other the answer might be that:

- The two (Gemini/Sagittarius) Plutos are conjunct (a two-minute orb), as are the two Gemini Moons at 27.10 (CC) and 28.05 (WTC) (a 55-minute orb).

- The two Moons are the midpoint of CC Kronos, 20.19 Capricorn, and CC Jupiter, 5.30 Sagittarius, a semi-square. Kronos/Jupiter means luck. The definition in Rules (p. 230) of this planetary picture is a conundrum: “people under the impression of great luck.” Who feels lucky? Al Qaeda? Or should Americans feel lucky because the attack was not as bad as it could have been, or as we thought it was immediately after the attack when at least 10,000 people were feared dead?

- CC Hades, 0.27 Taurus, is semi-square WTC Saturn at 14.45 Gemini, or is opposite it on the 90º dial, and CC Uranus, 15.43 Sagittarius on the 90º dial. “Losses because of violence,” Rules p. 236.

- WTC Hades, 21.26 Gemini, is squaring CC Neptune, 21.56 Pisces, “damage through error, deception” ( Rules, p. 280).

The synastry between the Composite Chart and the World Trade Center attack charts involves the planetary “heavies” pressuring each other in various ways — two Plutos, two Hades, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus, giving us an apt description of September 11, 2001.

This is not, of course, a complete delineation of these four 90º dials. It has been barely a year since the tragedy and the entire effect of the World Trade Center attack will not be known for decades.

On a personal level, this piece has been less than enjoyable to write. It has probably been equally difficult to read. Deep and traumatic emotions are what the World Trade Center Attack will signify to all of us for the rest of our lives.

* Roosevelt Island is in the middle of the East River. The World Trade Center is approximately four miles away, as the crow flies.

** Rules for Planetary Pictures, Ludwig Rudolph, Hamburg, 7th Edition, 1992.

N.B. When “Rules” are not cited, the interpretation is my own.

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