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John Marchesella, NCGR ChairJohn Marchesella
NCGR Chair
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John Marchesella has been working in astrology since 1976, and has been a long-term member of NCGR. On the Board of its New York City Chapter, he has worn various hats from Newsletter Editor to President, and many in between. He is currently its Education Chairman, coordinating its annual Faculty Conference and arranging its three semester per year.

On the National Board, he is Chair, and is Vice President for NCGR-PAA, from which he has his certification as a consulting astrologer.

John has written numerous articles for astrological publications. Many of them are posted on his website, He also contributed to the anthology, Under One Sky, published by Seven Paws Press. He is a frequent speaker to various chapters of NCGR and other organizations, especially in the New York metropolitan area. John has also presented at many UAC events and national NCGR conferences.

John is a certified psychotherapist and trained bereavement counselor, but presently, he is working full time as an astrologer in New York, where he also holds regular classes in astrology. In addition, he is a frequent visitor to Los Angeles and Washington D.C. for his clients there.

His specialty is predictive astrology, honoring the age-old adage, “There is a purpose to every season under heaven.”

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